Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

The Hat

modern coat: traditional turkish store // 40s shrug: flea market // 40s dress: Mankii Vintage Berlin // 40s shoes: from a friend // vintage purse: flea market // late 1930s felt hat: flea market // vintage lauscha grape brooch: flea market

This late 30s hat is kind of the holy gral of hats to me. 
It's almost easy to find half hats from the 50s 'all the time' but  every kind of hat that takes more room is so hard to find  -  and so difficult to store properly. For sure these are a few reasons, why we actually find so little fancier and bigger hats from past times that many. At a special point in their exictance they got squished and deformed, if they didn't end up as moth dinner. So I'm happy asa frog to have found this one ...
Also wearing true 40s brogues, I bought from a friend who also has to deal with large wide feet ... So once in a while we swap vintage food wear. This was the first time I took tehm for a spin. Don't they go perfectly with the hat?! ... Yesterday I won a purse on eBay which I hope turns this bordeaux double into a tripple set.

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016

So Ready For Fall - Not Me!

... 40s sweater: Antique Mall, somewhere in Oregon //50s patio skirt: Kleidermarkt, Berlin // 50s flats: from a friend // 50s wickerpurse: Pick&Weight // vitnage amber cherry brooch: flea market

Those who follow me on Instagram know that this outfit is already some weeks old ... from the time when it was still warm and lovely outside. For over two weeks now it's dark, blurry and mostly raining here in Berlin and I could bite everyone's butt who 'was so ready for fall' - including my husband. 
For sure it's nice to wear jackets again and to create new outfits - but to be true - what do I create when it's wet and chilly out. My work week was pretty coorperate, with a lot of official meetings and CEOs visiting ... So less vintage more black and white - on top of that it was raining all the time. I mostly wore the same clothes all week. It was too dark for outfit shots anyway. And who wants to soak true 50s shoes in a huge puddle ....
Whatever, I can't change it, the frustrating part of the year is here, let's see where it leads me to, probably: staying in bed forever, wake me up in March!

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

The Avocado Connection

blazer: Romeo Gigli, thrifted // 40s dress: Made In Berlin store // shoes: remixvintageshoes // 40s style crochet purse: Original Crochet-by-Q // 30s-40s strawhat: Rocking Chair....

When I got my already beloved Greta wedges by RemixVintge Shoes in Avocado, I faced the issue of not owning enough accessoires in this shade. Then I saw this posts on Norafinds blog about this adorable custom order 40s clamshell purse. I wrote Original Crochet-by-Q right away on Etsy and she started to gather the matching materials in this special shade between green and yellow together - which wasn't easy. I'm so excited about the result. I love it so much!

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Sonntag, 25. September 2016


This dress late 50s Betty Barcley dress I found a couple of weeks ago at one of my regular visits to the Made in Berlin Store ... I thought this is the perfect piece to celebrate this indian summer we are having right now.

Freitag, 23. September 2016

When There Was Summer ...

Quite a little while ago I wore this outfit on a warm summer day to the flea market ... 40s chambray dress: eBay // vitnage belt: flea market // modern wooden sandals: fela market // 50s wickerpurse: thrifted // 50s strawhat: Bahar Berlin Edeltrash, a friends vintage shop ...

Montag, 19. September 2016

Little Sweater

Some weeks ago I wore to work ... 50s-60s sweater: thirfted in the US // 50s skirt: Made In Berlin Store // shoes: Primark // strawpurse: flea market // Haskell style brooch: flea market ...

During out holiday in the USA this summer I mostly shopped mostly tops, sweaters and jackets ... This is something you rarle find in Germany.